Hard Decisions: A Personal Post

mcniel-photography_0009John and I recently made one of the hardest decisions of our life to date… a decision that caused tears, arguments, distractions, and a little (momentary) resentment. Thankfully we know it was the right path to follow, but sometimes that doesn’t make it any easier. We made the decision to sell our first home. Though there were multiple layers of this onion, it all boiled down to choosing what’s most important to us. This home was just about everything we could have ever asked for in a property – three acres in the country where we raised chickens, pigs, cows, and dreams of much more. Fruit trees and some of the most gorgeous, mature hardwoods you’ve ever seen… trees and space for adventurous little souls to grown an inspiring imagination… And all the dirt and fresh air that one could hope for. But we let it go. We traded it in.mcniel-photography_0011


Silly decision? Might be. At this point we aren’t quite sure. In this place where we can’t yet see the outcome, in this place of temporary transition, it’s easy to give way to despair or regret. So we have to be intentional. Instead of despair, we choose delight; and instead of regret, we choose hope. We made the decision to trust that being together, no matter where that might be, is more important than our dream home. Truth be told, all that house, dirt, trees, and animals, was a bit more than we could realistically and joyfully care for with an energetic family of four kids and a full-time photography business. So we’re trading in a dream and putting a seed to rest. Maybe it’s a seed that in the stillness of the earth will root, grow, and blossom. Or maybe putting that seed to rest will give birth to other dreams that never would’ve had the room to grow otherwise. Either way, we look joyfully & expectantly to the future, with great memories and gratitude for our past, holding to the truth that, no matter where we are, it’s always better when we’re together.


Anybody feel us here? We’d love to hear if you’ve had similar experiences! Feel free to give us a shout; but either way, join us in this journey of hope and delight!

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  • chris millarNovember 22, 2016 - 11:48 am


    Did John have a job transfer? I need an update on the goings on. You, by the way are an incredible writer as well as photographer. Ever consider writing a book?ReplyCancel

  • PegNovember 22, 2016 - 12:54 pm

    Emily, you are an amazing writer. My heart aches for what you’ve given up, yet now rejoices in your positive outlook for your future. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD WHO IS WORKING OUT SOMETHING EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL. I KNOW YOU TRUST IN HIM TO PROVIDE AS HAS ALWAYS DONE.

    Love you so much!ReplyCancel

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